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Our Review of LumiTact G700

​LumiTact G700 LED Tactical Flashlight 2018 Review


Selecting the right flashlight has always been among the most difficult choices to make. Today, it's especially challenging to find the right model - there's a myriad of options out there, with each flashlight having different characteristics and features.

​One thing is sure, though - the tactical models are among the most trending flashlights. They have entered a new era where they're not just simple flashlights anymore, but have turned into the real multi-functional tools that can assist the user in almost every situation.

LumiTact G700 Case

​One of the most trending and top-selling tactical flashlights is the LumiTact G700, coming with a number of exciting features that make it stand out from the competition. We've decided to put it to the test - to find out the results, keep on reading.

G700 Tactical Flashlight – The Basics

Weighing 7 ounces and measuring 5.1 inches, the LumiTact G700 is easy to maneuver with and can fit on the user's belt. It's a comfortable, compact model, made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, having a build quality that guarantees the necessary resistance to everyday wear and tear. It is also water-resistant, which is a feature that all those working in harsh conditions will undoubtedly appreciate.

Just like many other devices of this type, the LumiTact G700 comes with five standard light modes - SOS, strobe, high, medium, and low. The user can also adjust the lamp's focus and thus customize his specific lighting needs. When it comes to self-defense capabilities, the model features a front-mounted striking bezel which can be used to immobilize the assailant in the emergency situations. The flashlight is operated by two lithium batteries.

The Features

In the following part of the article, we'll be taking a closer look at each aspect of this tactical flashlight, while trying out to find everything about its advantages and flaws. Read on and find out if G700 is worthy of being considered for purchase:


​One of the things that make this model so outstanding is its build quality. As we said, the G700 is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, which, in turn, makes the device both ultra-tough and very lightweight. This indestructible material turns the G700 into a very durable model and one that will work in even the harshest conditions. It is also waterproof, allowing one to use it underwater with complete peace of mind.

All of this makes the G700 a perfect choice for the police officers, firefighters, military personnel, as well as for the campers and hunters. It can be used for fishing, camping, brownouts, blackouts, or solely for instances where you have to search for items in crawlspaces, attics, and basements.


​As the name suggests, this model comes with a remarkable number of 700 bright lumens of light. This gives the model the ability to illuminate an entire room and to bring lots of light to a wide area. It is two times more potent than the standard civilian flashlights - those looking for a really powerful torch will find the G700 to be an excellent choice for their needs.

A great thing about the LED bulb inside this unit is that it can last for more than 10,000 hours. This kind of longevity is precisely what some people are looking for, making the model more than suitable for both domestic occupations and armed personnel.


​One of the most surprising features of this flashlight is that it's powered by only 2 AA batteries, despite its high-end technology. The unit consumes a relatively low amount of energy while it's on, so the user doesn't have to worry about constant swapping of the batteries.

Fortunately, the battery charger is included in the package, so you'll also be able to use rechargeable batteries. It takes about two hours to charge them, and they will give you around 4 hours of continuous operation. If your occupation or a hobby doesn't require you to use the flashlight often, the batteries will last you for weeks.

LumiTact G700 Product Image

Light Modes

For optimal convenience, LumiTact decided to equip this model with a couple of different settings. This includes modes such as strobe (for blinding the opponent), SOS (it can be used as a distress signal), as well as the standard high, medium, and low settings of continuous lighting. These modes turn the G700 into a very flexible piece of camping equipment, and one that could easily save your life one day.

Furthermore, the model also has an adjustable focus range - its telescopic zoom modes are x1, x250, x500, x100, and x2000. The fact that you can focus the entire lumen power of this unit in one direction will surely come in very handy in certain circumstances.


As we said, the model comes with a front-mounted striking bezel. When combined with the blinding effect, this part of the flashlight allows the user to strike the opponent, be it a man or beast. The bezel is well-made and a potential life-saver in dire situations.


Together with the torch, you'll also be getting two lithium-ion batteries, a belt holder, a keychain, the instruction manual, a wall-outlet charger, and a car charger. All of this comes packed in a padded carrying case, allowing you to take the whole kit with you wherever you go.

What Do the Users Say?

​Generally, the users are satisfied with the power and the build quality of this device. They call the G700 "a perfect lighting companion" while praising its durable metal body, remarkable illumination quality, as well as the sheer number of light and focus modes.

The users are particularly thrilled with the unit's value for the money - they successfully recognize the flashlight's durability and claim that buying G700 is an excellent investment.

What Did we Like and What we Didn’t Like About It

​​As you can see, there's a lot to like about this tactical flashlight. It is efficient, resistant, and appealing, and as such deserves to have the title of one of the best models in its price category. We liked its long-lasting construction quality, plenty of lighting modes to choose from, superior illumination power, as well as the self-defense capability in the form of a crenelated strike bezel.

Our only major complaint is the extreme flimsiness of the plastic carrying case. It's padded and convenient for transporting the torch and its accessories, but it should have been made out of sturdier materials.

led tactical flashlight

The Conclusion

Overall, we think that G700 is an excellent choice for everyone looking for a quality tactical flashlight. It's difficult to destroy, offers plenty of lighting power, and can be used in several different modes. On top of that, the model uses rechargeable batteries and comes with a number of handy accessories.

Purchasing this flashlight can't really turn out as a mistake, so we can't do anything else but recommend it to our readers.

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