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Our Review of ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight

​Is The ShadowHawk X800 Tactical Flashlight Worth Buying?


​Due to the stricter gun laws and the rise of terrorism, citizens of the United States are looking for the best possible ways to protect themselves against crime. If you're among these people, consider purchasing a quality tactical flashlight - it just might turn out to be one of the wisest decisions of your life.

Even though there's no standard definition for a device of this type, the traditional versions of tactical flashlights are typically used alongside guns and rifles (some can even be attached to them). This allows the carrier of the firearm to both illuminate the area in front of him and to blind the attacker. In simple terms, the tactical flashlights are useful tools, but they're not weapons themselves unless they feature beveled edges for self-defense.

For that matter, we have decided to review the ShadowHawk X800, a tactical flashlight that has been advertised as a model that "blasts and casts" and which stands as one of the best choices for civilians, tactical personnel, and police. Is it sturdy enough? Is it bright enough? Can it be used for self-defense? What about its light modes? To find the answers to these questions, keep on reading - we analyzed the X800 in depth and found out all about its advantages and flaws.

​ShadowHawk X800 – The Basics

​Made out of craft-grade aluminum, this tactical flashlight offers durability and dependability, since it's weatherproof and sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of wear and tear. It sports a crenelated strike bezel that allows self-defense in dire situations - a majority of assailant attacks take place under the cover of darkness, and one needs something to defend himself in such cases.

As the name suggests, the model sports an XPE 800 Lumen bulb, emitting light that's six times more powerful than that of the fluorescent lamps. The bulb's encasing is waterproof (6 feet of depth/30 minutes), which is yet another thing to go in favor of the device's durability. The bulb is powered by three AAA rechargeable batteries and offers a reliability run of some 100,000 hours.

Other features worth mentioning are the five preset settings (such as the SOS or Strobe modes) and five telescopic zoom settings, giving the user some focusing/zooming flexibility.

The Features

To find out if this tactical flashlight is actually worth the money, we need to have an in-depth look at all of its features. We'll analyze the model's design, power, batteries, light modes, self-defense capabilities, as well as the accessories. We'll also take a quick look at the opinions of other users. Let's do it!


​Sporting a beautiful black color, the Shadowhawk X800 has been called the "Cadillac of flashlights". Due to the fact that it's made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the model is very reliable and durable, making it an excellent choice for those who often find themselves in harsh conditions. Usually, this kind of durability comes along with a lot of weight, which is precisely why we were surprised with how lightweight this flashlight actually is. One could quickly throw this model into his travel bag or a purse and forget that it's even there.

Did your flashlight ever end up wet and thus unusable? This is quite a common problem with these devices, and, fortunately, that's not an issue with Shadowhawk X800. The model is waterproof, as it can withstand being 6 feet underwater for the duration of 30 minutes. We can safely say that this feature will come in very handy to campers and outdoor enthusiasts, who will undoubtedly appreciate the model's waterproofing capabilities.

​Other things about the model's design worth mentioning are the superior ergonomics (it feels great in hand due to the non-slip mechanized surface) as well as the straightforward and easy-to-read labels for the modes and illumination strength. The device is very easy to operate with and can be used by literally anyone.


This tactical flashlight is powered by three AAA batteries, which come in the package (together with the charger) depending on the kit you choose. The manufacturer promises over 100,000 hours of lamp life, which, of course, we were not able to test out. But we think that it's quite safe to say that X800 should be able to serve you for at least ten years without issues.

Unfortunately, some users report that their packages came with dead batteries, so we advise stocking up on AAA batteries from the nearest Walmart. Furthermore, some consumers said that they didn't like the quality of the included charger, saying that it looks and feels cheap. We have no such complaints - even though it's not the charger of the highest quality, it serves the purpose and works just like advertised.
ShadowHawk X800 Product Image


This flashlight emits light from its XPE 800 Lumen bulb (LED technology). As you can already notice, this is far above the suggested minimum for the tactical brightness (120 Lumens) and more than enough to disorientate the assailant. In simple terms, this is one of the most potent bulbs in today's industry - it's six times more powerful than the average fluorescent lamps found in homes.

This kind of lighting power is of crucial importance when it comes to self-defense in the darkness. Using it on your opponent's face, be it a man or a beast, is a perfect signal for it to back away. A sudden flash of a powerful light beam from the Shadowhawk X800 is a vital surprise element that's essential when it comes to disorientating the assailant. It gives the user enough time to shout for help, run away, or even fight back.

Light Modes

Even though the X800 is a relatively new product, there's quite some hype surrounding it. One of the possible reasons is that it comes with fully loaded settings. It features memory-coded Strobe and SOS options, which can come in very handy (or even life-saving) in certain circumstances. Along with these two modes, there are also the typical low, medium, and high settings. This is a lot bigger number of options than that found on the cheap, average flashlights, and yet another significant advantage of X800.

Another impressive feature of this tactical flashlight is the fact that it comes with a zoom feature. This is not a standard feature of models in this price category and made us very curious about it. We were more than pleased to find five different telescopic zoom focus settings, which provide the user with a lot of zooming and focusing flexibility. One can go as high as 2000x zoom or as low as 1x zoom - pretty impressive, wouldn't you say?

All of these light modes turn the X800 into a perfect weapon for survival. The SOS mode, for example, allows one to remain visible at a considerable distance (over 2 miles) even in bad weather. It's a device you'll be glad to have with you in case you need a rescue deep in the wilderness. As far as we're concerned, every driver, hunter, and hiker should consider the benefits that come with these types of devices and think about enhancing their security and chances of survival. The fact that the model’s ray of light can be zoomed in and focused, on the other hand, makes the device a favorite among security and armed personnel.

Self-Defense Capabilities

Even those who aren't really into self-defense exercise might find themselves in circumstances that require it. For that matter, Shadowhawk decided to equip this model with a crenelated bezel, allowing the user to fight back and have an opportunity to overpower the assailant or run away.

Due to the presence of jagged edges, this crenelated bezel will undoubtedly leave a visible mark on your opponent, giving you a chance to identify him later at the police station. One should use it in the combination with the tactical light - stun the opponent with the strobe feature and then strike him with the bezel.

​Dark alleys are not the only location where this bezel comes in handy - it's something that you don't want to be without when you’re at a remote location. As you enjoy the ambiance of the deep wilderness, you'll want to have the assurance that no man or a beast will disrupt your outdoor adventure. The Shadowhawk X800 is definitely capable of providing you with an extra level of protection - its crenelated bezel is a feature that deserves special praise. It's the number one partner of every serious outdoor enthusiast.


This flashlight can be purchased device-only and as a part of a kit. The kit comes with a couple of handy accessories - there's a tube sleeve, a nylon holster, the AAA batteries, as well as the battery adapter and the wall charger. All of this can be stored in a convenient black storage case (padded), which is, in our opinion, the best part of the whole deal.
As far as we're concerned, this is a well-rounded package - it contains everything one might need for his tactical flashlight. The great thing is that it doesn't cost a lot more than the bare torch, which is why we recommend purchasing the kit instead.

ShadowHawk Case

What Do the Users Say?

​Just like we expected; the users the quite pleased with the quality of this device. They're saying that they used their share of flashlights and that X800 beats them all, especially when they consider its price category.

Each user is praising a different thing. One of them really liked the SOS signal, as he's an outdoor adventurer and profoundly appreciates this potentially life-saving feature. Another one liked the device's size, saying that he can easily carry it with him wherever he goes. One user gave particular praise to the unit's accessories, saying that the flashlight comes with all the necessary items that a person might need for a device of this type.

The users are generally satisfied with the build quality and the features of this product, with very few of them having any complaints about it. As we said, some people were displeased to find faulty accessories in their kits, but these kinds of inconveniences are rare and don't happen often. The improper packaging certainly shouldn't be a deal breaker if you're considering buying this tactical flashlight.

What Did We Like and What We Didn’t like About it

​As you can see, there's a lot to like about Shadowhawk X800. It's a multifunctional tactical flashlight, as it can be used to illuminate the dark areas, to give signals in case you're lost, as well as to blind and attack the potential assailants. Its self-defense capabilities boost one's emergency preparedness - possessing this model is guaranteed to increase your chances of survival.

It can be used in a number of different environments due to its weatherproof and waterproof capabilities. The fact that X800 is made out of aluminum makes it lightweight and easy to carry around, while the small size allows one to put it inside a purse or an emergency kit, as well as to carry the item on a belt.

We also liked the unit's powerful beam of light, plenty of lighting and focusing modes to choose from, as well as the handy accessories (especially the convenient, padded case).
Considering the fact that X800 is still a relatively new product, finding the users who have had it for a long time is quite challenging. This makes proving the device's durability somewhat tricky, but we think that the materials used in its manufacture are quite an excellent testimony to its durability.

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The Conclusion

In conclusion, we think that Shadowhawk X800 is definitely worthy of being considered for purchase. It is, after all, an affordable tactical flashlight, and as such shouldn't be a serious problem to anyone's budget. It left us thoroughly impressed with its useful features, such as the high number of different light models, excellent build quality, self-defense capabilities, as well as the useful accessories that it comes with.

In case you're an outdoor enthusiast or a night watchman, the Shadowhawk X800 could become your new best friend. It's a multifunctional, highly-useful tactical flashlight that could very well save your life one day. As such, it deserves our sincere recommendation.

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